Friday, November 14, 2008

About my boy.....

I was looking back at the "strawberry shake" incident and had to laugh. Cristian is doing really well and reads like crazy. He is also playing the violin now. His sister (my Amity) is very sick with a cold/flu and he was patting her on the back earlier. He is such a SWEET 11 year old:).

Lazy Fridays:)

I love the fact that Chris and I are both off on Fridays:). It's our "relax and rest up" time. We did go out and do some grocery shopping today. Haven't blogged in a while. I usually blog on Myspace. If you ever want to check my blog out there, here is the link: or if that link doesn't work and you are on myspace, request me as a friend and I'll add you. My "space" is I blog about recovery, beading, other blogs I like and many other things.

My friend Cindy and I had a Jewelry and Bead open house and had a lot of fun! We are having another open house before Christmas. I'll let you know the details when we figure it out! Have a great evening!